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KYBELLA® – A Client’s Story

KYBELLA® – A Client’s Story

Background: This client struggled with the insecurity of having a full face and double chin. At the client’s top weight, she was 310 pounds, but following a 140 pound weight loss, she was accepting that not every part of the body can be addressed with exercise and diet. This was the case with her double chin which she sought KYBELLA® for treatment.

The Story

While I was a nervous about the amount of injections involved with each session, it was a positive experience. Here are a few things I learned during and after my treatment:

1. Expect multiple injections in the treatment area. I opted against a local anesthesia to numb the injection site, although numbing was offered. The needle was small and injections were not painful: in fact, they felt like little more than a tiny pinch. I’m told some patients accomplish their goal within 2-3 treatments, while some require more (as with anything else, every body is different). The total procedure time was less than 30 minutes.

2. There is minimal pain involved, but it comes after the treatment. My neck was mostly sore and tender for the first two weeks, and while still mildly sore at week 3, most treatment area discomfort has subsided. I experienced a tolerable burning sensation up to 24 hours after the treatment, which was also normal. The burning sensation was a result of chemical reaction between Kybella and my fat cells (which is the goal).

3. Expect swelling but the “Bullfrog Effect” won’t last. My treatment area began to swell immediately, and within several hours after treatment, I had a full-on ‘bullfrog’ neck appearance. This lasted for over a week, and is completely normal. Ice and ibuprofen helped significantly; most of my swelling subsided at week 3. Numbing is also a side effect that should be expected: my treatment area was numb immediately after treatment and was still a bit numb at 3 weeks.

4. I can already see results. While some patients report seeing results after the second treatment, I can already see marked improvement [definition] around my jawline. This type of early progress is encouraging for the results I expect to see after additional treatments.

I’m excited to watch my progress in the upcoming months, as are many of my friends who find themselves plagued with double chins.