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Lipo-Vite Injections

 Lipo-Vite Injections

The benefits of weekly Lipovite injections include promoting normal growth and development; treating some types of nerve damage; treating low iron; improving memory and the ability to concentrate; and increasing metabolism and energy levels.  For those who prefer capsules, we also offer Lipotrophic capsules.

What is Lipo-Vite/Lipotrophic?

Lipotrophic means “fat loving.”  Basically, Lipo-Vite injections consist of substances which work together to liquefy or homogenize fat.

What are the Main Functions of Lipotrophics?

Lipotropics increase the production of lecithin by the liver helping to stabilize cholesterol deposits in blood vessels and decrease the chance of gallstone formations.  (Gallstones can be made of cholesterol).  Lipotrophics help in the prevention of accumulation of fats in the liver.  A fatty liver may cause sluggish liver function.

They detoxify amine (byproducts of protein metabolism) which is important for those on a high protein diet.

Lipotrophics increase resistance to diseases.  they bolster the thymus gland to carry out  anti-disease functions by stimulating the production of anti-bodies.  They stimulate the growth of phagocytes, which surround and “gobble up” invading viruses and microbes.  They also recognize and destroy foreign and abnormal tissues.

Lipo-Vite injections help enhance weight loss when combined with diet and exercise programs.