Microneedling Before & After by Rhiana DeGennaro

Before & After Pictures by Rhiana DeGennaro

The same professional level teeth whitening service most dentist offices use is now available with Rhiana.   Results in this picture follow a one-hour session.

This patient had broken capillaries on the cheek area.   Sun exposure, rosacea, alcohol consumption, weather, pregnancy and genes can result in capillary damage.   Fortunately, they respond well to a series of IPL treatments.

IPL Capillary Repair
IPL Before and After Aesthetics by Rhiana

Melasma is commonly called age spots and is typically caused by sun damage.   We recommend a series of IPL treatments such as this patient received along with a prescriptive skincare regime.   And…of course, sunscreen.

This Before & After follows three sessions of the Morpheus8 Radio Frequency Microneedling.   As a licensed medical aesthetician, Rhiana DeGennaro prides herself on providing her patients with the very best results.  This patient was very pleased and is now ready for summer vacation!!

Morpheus Skin Tightening on Abdomen Before & After