Laser Hair Removal

DiolazeXL Laser Hair Removal

Good grooming always makes a person, whether a man or a woman, feel confident and better about how they look.   The DiolazeXL does this by:

  • High precision.  The handheld Diolaze device with its targeting light beam treats the area with exact precision.
  • Fast.  Treatment times are fast as the laser needs just a fraction of a second to destroy the hair follicles in a larger surface area. Hence, laser therapy can take much less time to remove unwanted hairs compared to shaving and waxing.
  • Lower Lifetime Cost.  At first glance, laser hair removal may seen high compared to the cost of waxing.   However, the results of laser hair removal with the DiolazeXL are nearly permanent, which means that patients need not undergo this procedure again and again.  Over time, this will result in savings when compared to repeated visits for services such as waxing.
  • Minimal or no downtime.
  • Smooth, beautiful skin!

    Most require  5-to-6 sessions of laser hair removal to address the hair in its growth cycle successfully. Once this has been achieved, the regrowth of new hair is minimal . Any returning hairs are usually finer, paler, and fewer in number, which makes laser hair removal a worthy long-term investment.

As part of our introductory rollout of the DiolazeXL, a sixth session will be provided at no charge with all packages (5 sessions) purchased.

Area Single Session Five Sessions Length of Visit
Bikini $130 $650 30 Minutes
Brazilian $250 $1200 60 Minutes
Chest $130 $650 30 Minutes
Chin $70 $350 30 Minutes
Ear or Toes $70 $350 30 Minutes
Full Back $250 $1200 60 Minutes
Full Face $240 $1200 30 Minutes
Half Back $160 $800 30 Minutes
Legs $250 $1200 60 Minutes
Legs (Half) $160 $800 45 Minutes
Neck $95 $450 30 Minutes
Stomach $130 $650 30 Minutes
Under Arms $100 $500 30 Minutes
Upper Lip $70 $350 30 Minutes
Unlimited $3200 To Be Determined

Great news!  There is minimal discomfort with the DiolazeXL laser hair removal system.  With waxing, patients have to repeatedly experience the pain.  Ouch!   Worse, it doesn’t stop as patients must return repeatedly for continued waxing.   With the DiolazeXL the laser beam feels like a hot snap–and then it’s over.

A big advantage of Diolaze hair removal is it’s gentle and has minimal downtime. The treated area may feel bumpy, sensitive, and pink for a few hours post-procedure, but after that, the skin is back to normal.

We do recommend avoiding direct sun exposure for a few days after.

  • Stay out of the sun for 7-10 days prior to your treatment.    Laser hair removal cannot be performed on sunburned skin, and heavily tanned skin may not provide the best outcome.  Stay out of the sun both before and after your treatments.
  • Shave.   Twenty-four hours prior to your laser hair removal treatment, shave the area to be treated.    Don’t worry that the hair root seems invisible after you shave, the laser will seek it out within the pigment.  By shaving, you will also reduce the chances of burns.    For patients who arrive unshaved and our staff must provide this service, an additional $50 will be charged.  (Don’t do this!  Spend that $50 toward an Obagi purchase!)
  • Stop plucking and tweezing six weeks prior.   The laser will not work–or work as effectively–on damaged follicles from recent plucking and tweezing.
  • Stop using a depilatory such as Nair a 2-3 weeks prior to your appointment.   Depilatory creams can adversely affect the outcome of your laser hair removal session and may cause skin irritation
  • Arrive clean.  While we will provide you with a wipe for removal of  deodorants, makeup, lotions, etc, from your skin, it’s best to arrive with the area to be treated already cleaned and  these topicals removed.
  • Be sure and tell us what medications you are taking including birth control, acne medications, antibiotics and/or any medications that may make your skin more sensitive to burning.

Are you wanting to get rid of unwanted body hair…maybe you are tired of shaving and plucking?  Laser hair removal with DiolazeXL is a safe and effective solution to unwanted body and facial hair for every skin type.   DiolazeXL is a laser hair removal system that safely provides the most effective hair removal.

The DiolazeXL handheld device is applied to the area of unwanted hair and emits a beam of concentrated light. This light targets the undesired hair follicles and the pigment of the follicles absorbs the light causing them to be destroyed.

DiolazeXL was developed by Inmode to remove hair from the entire body painlessly and efficiently.   This treatment is FDA-approved for the safe elimination of unwanted body hair.

We’ve tried to answer a few of your questions below, including cost.   In addition, we remind patients that financing is available through both Cherry and Care Credit.