Each month we focus on a product or selection of products.  With snow and the Christmas holiday, we are a bit late, so Obagi Hydrate will be our product represented for both January and February.   It’s the perfect time to consider Obagi Hydrate as part of your skincare regimen.  Winter heat, winter wind, winder cold–all result in dryer skin that we’d like.  And Obagi Hydrate has something for all skin types.  During January and February, we’ve reduced the price by 10%  for any of these three Obagi Hydrate products.

Finally, if you are unsure which one would work best, call and ask for a free skincare consultation.  We’ll be happy to assist.  Call 423.574.3223.

Obagi Hydrate Lite

Obagi Hydrate Light™ Weightless Gel Cream Moisturizer is a weightless, fast-absorbing gel cream containing humectants (attracts moisture to the skin) and occlusives (helps to seal in that moisture). Together, these ingredients work to hydrate the skin, replenish the skin’s moisture barrier, and keep the skin looking plump and smooth without clogging pores.   Good for all skin types.   AM and PM.  $58

Obagi Hydrate

Hydrate Facial Moisturizer provides 8-hour moisturization with an innovative technology and naturally derived ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter, avocado and glycerin, which further help combat dryness.    Good for normal to oily, normal to dry and combination skin types.   AM and PM. $58

Obagi Hydrate Luxe

Obagi Hydrate Luxe is specifically engineered with key biomimetic peptides. This non-comedogenic moisturizer provides overnight, ultra-rich moisturization and has a luxurious, balm-like texture.  Good for normal to oily, normal to dry and combination skin types.  PM   $78

Obagi Hydrate Collection