Approximately 17 years ago, Sue Cressel and I had a conversation about Botox.  Sue is a Nurse Practitioner and the owner of About Face Medspa & Wellness.    In that long ago conversation, I  told her I thought she should learn to inject.   It was one of those “half kidding/half not kidding” remarks made between friends.     She worked at the Mendota Medical Clinic which, at that time, had the unique status of being a Nurse Practitioner clinic.  These types of clinics are more common now; but at that time, they were rare.   She took care of the community’s health needs and did her job very well.  I thought she could do most anything, so I also thought she should learn to inject Botox!

Selfishly I envisioned I’d get a good deal on my Botox!   She thought it might be a fun side hobby!

During that time, it was difficult to find training for any type of dermal injectable, but we did find training in Maryland.    Off we went to Baltimore, so that Sue could become an aesthetic injector.  There were 12 students in the group, and only one nurse practitioner.  The others were doctors.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my doctor.  However, how many injections have you received from your doctor vs. the  nursing staff?  Who do you think handled the needle more confidently in the training?  Likewise, on that weekend in Baltimore, who was the only student who thought to bring a model (me) to work on?

There was one star student that weekend.  She was the most prepared and confident.  It was Sue.

On the return home, we had such plans!  We  thought we’d work together.  I was so excited.  However, life happens, and my need for health insurance sent me in a different direction.   Sue worked three jobs as she opened About Face–it wasn’t easy and I remember how tired she was.  However, to her surprise, her  planned hobby became a big success; and at one time, she had four locations.   She was everywhere–and then she thought it was time to retire.

Today, through a bizarre, unexpected series of events which perhaps we’ll share with you at a later time, Sue is definitely not retired.   About Face Aesthetics & Skincare, LLC, is a name that belongs to Sue Cressel.  It has never been sold.  About Face Medspa & Wellness is a registered “dba” (doing business as) belonging to Sue Cressel.    In fact, after being placed in a position where she had to return to work, she decided she preferred working.   On October 1, 2022, she is opening the Bristol location at 615 Volunteer Parkway, and I am with her.   I am flattered she made a place for me.

We are going to work very hard to be the best medspa in the region.   Sue is the most experienced and best  injector.  Rhiana DeGennaro is one of  the best–and most experienced–aestheticians.   If you have been around the world of medspa aesthetics for any period of time, you know experience is very, very important.    Renee Shelley is known throughout the area for her special way with people seeking weight loss.

Why do I claim these ladies are the best?   Actually, it comes from a point of experience and knowledge.   I am 66 years old, but I received my first dermal filler when I was 34 in Franklin, Tennessee.   I am not a cosmetic junkie, but I learned at 33 that I would not have children.  After a few months of tears, I stood up, dusted myself off and decided I would pamper myself since there was no future child.   Whereas at that time many in my age group were pushing baby carriages looking hollow eyed from lack of sleep, I walked around glowing – from all my facials and what not!  When life gives you lemons, make the lemonade!

I received my first Botox treatment a little later in Raleigh, NC.   Then, as we moved to Boca Raton, Florida which is a beehive of aesthetic treatments, I regularly got  my treatments from one of Boca’s “best.”   However, she was not better than Sue–nor were the aesthetic medical professionals I encountered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey; Reston, Virginia; Boston, Massachusetts; and Nashua, New Hampshire.   The best is right here in Bristol.    

I hope you’ll come see us.   Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable and confident that you are in the best hands–because you are.

Eva Beaule