Hi everyone.  It’s Eva from About Face Medspa & Wellness.

From the time I was a young girl, I have always had a pouty mouth.  Jowls.  Here I am in sixth grade.   (My mother cut my hair.  Please be kind.). Was that really more than 55 years ago?  I am 67 now, and what I’d love to tell that young girl!     She was so self conscious of everything with no self esteem.   Why are kids so hard on themselves?  But seriously, I did have a pout even then.  I remember someone asking me if I was mad, and I wondered why.   When you have a pout, you look sort of mean — or I did at times.

Fast forward to present.   My friend, sister from another mister and my now employer….Sue Cressel, NP, Aesthetic Injector and owner of About Face Medspa & Wellness, told me about the Silhouette Instalift.  Those jowls on that 12-year old girl in the picture were growing.   Sue thought the Silhouette Instalift might do the trick.    We set aside some time in late August.   I do not like pain, and when Sue told me that she wasn’t going to numb me for this procedure, I thought about running.   She did, however, numb the injection site where her injection needle would enter my upper face and pull suturing threads and “cones” into my face.  In the simplest terms, she was sewing with something like fishing line with small cones attached.   Likewise, I later learned that my experience was typical for the Silhouette Instalift–it’s not painful.   Some thread lifts are not as comfortable as the Silhouette Instalift.    Thank goodness I got this one!   

Here’s the very sad “before” picture.   I cannot believe I’m sharing this.  I look scared — I actually was a little scared!    And that neck?   Yikes!  I guess that will go on Sue’s “to do” list–or maybe I’ll just get a bunch of scarves for Christmas.   Sue did buy me a scarf while she was in France.  I think she’s hinting at something.

The lidocaine going in my face at the injection site did smart a bit — like going to the dentist, but that was all of the pain I felt during  this procedure.  Sue talked on very soothingly while she “sewed” my face  pulling up a notch or two.  This helped ease my nervousness.

It was over in about 45 minutes.   I had a small dimple on the exterior of my face at the injection site, but this was gone by the next morning.  I am a bruiser (blood pressure medication) but the bruising was very, very minimal.   And the results were immediate.  I’ve been told that they will improve during the first six months and should last anywhere from 16-18 months.

Here I am the following day–the very next day– with some makeup on.   Do you see any bruising?  Nope!  Me neither!   I was in the bathroom at home taking pictures of myself which is a little embarrassing.  What 67 year old takes a bunch of selfies?  Moi?


I took this picture in October just checking on how my Silhouette Instalift was doing!   Still doing great so this is a happy picture!!  And there’s that 67 year old snapping pictures of herself.   Again, embarrassing.

Here’s this morning–November 15.   I wish I had a great picture but I’m reduced to sneaking and taking selfies of myself.   We had a picture day and I took terrible pictures so this is the best I’ve got.    I am still very happy with the results.   While I  still have that young girl inside of me who is self conscious of her appearance, she’s strives to be the best she can be and is more often than not satisfied that is enough.    This is what we do at About Face — we help our patients look and feel their very best.   We can’t all be perfect, but we can be our best.


If you are interested in the Silhouette Instalift, please give About Face Medspa & Wellness a call and ask for a free consultation.  We are at 423.574.FACE (3223).